About the Photographer

I am a wife to the best husband ever, mother to my two sweet babies (who aren’t actually babies anymore at 5 and 6), a Baylor grad (SIC ‘EM), a follower of Jesus, and a Texas girl.  I’m a lover of date nights, diet coke, reality TV, laughing, country music, the beach, and of course….photography! 🙂


I have always loved photography, but my passion really started when my son was born seven years ago.  I wanted to capture every moment, new experience, and milestone.  Then, when my daughter was born I wanted to capture all of this, plus a shot of her in every outfit she owned!  I never wanted to forget how they looked at every stage of life.


I love to photograph children and families using natural light at fun locations.  I shoot newborns in the comfort of their own home, capturing those first few days in a meaningful way.


I have the best time capturing my family’s special moments and would love to capture your special moments too!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a session!

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