Back to School Shoot / First Day of School 2015

I’m a little crazy about taking pictures on the first day of school.  My husband can confirm.  lol  The kids are usually tired from trying to squeeze the last bit of summer out and everyone is rushing.  But I HAVE to get my pictures. 🙂  It was really cloudy this year (bummer…last year was super sunny…see here –> FDOS 2014) but we still managed to get a few keepers.  I also love getting some shots of them in their new rooms.  Eli was so excited about the lockers. 🙂  Jilly went right in and got to work writing her name.  They both had a great day!

First Day of School_0624First Day of School_0625First Day of School_0626First Day of School_0627First Day of School_0628First Day of School_0629First Day of School_0630First Day of School_0631First Day of School_0632First Day of School_0633First Day of School_0634First Day of School_0635

(whistling is his new thing…he’s obsessed)

First Day of School_0636First Day of School_0637First Day of School_0638First Day of School_0639First Day of School_0640First Day of School_0641First Day of School_0642


The week before school started, I took the kids out to get some pictures of them with my back to school set up.  The sun was in and out behind some clouds, but the kids actually cooperated (for about 15 min lol) so that’s all I can ask for. 🙂  Can’t believe they are now in kinder and first grade!!  My babies!!

First Day of School_0643First Day of School_0644First Day of School_0645First Day of School_0646First Day of School_0647First Day of School_0648First Day of School_0649First Day of School_0650First Day of School_0651First Day of School_0652First Day of School_0653First Day of School_0654First Day of School_0655First Day of School_0656First Day of School_0657

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