Plano, Texas Hospital Photographer – Baby Landry

I think I’ve mentioned before that I adore hospital sessions. 🙂  Getting to meet a sweet new addition that has just arrived and photograph them is such an honor and privilege!   I can never get over how great they smell and how tiny and perfect they feel in your arms.  It’s something to hold on to for as long as possible…and images to cherish. <3

Meet Landry.

Plano, Texas Hospital Photographer

Plano Texas Hospital Photographer_0001Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0002Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0003Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0004Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0005Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0006Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0007Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0008Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0009Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0010Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0011Plano-Texas-Hospital-Photographer_0012Plano, Texas Hospital Photographer

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