About Your Session


Portraits tend to look best when everyone wears coordinating outfits.  Outfits should be colorful with everyone wearing the same three or four colors, but not matching.  Fun accessories and jewelry can add a lot to the photo and are a great way to tie in colors from different outfits.  Remember to wear clothes that you are comfortable in and don’t be afraid of color! 🙂


Need inspiration?  Check out my what to wear page on pinterest for some ideas and color schemes!




For newborn sessions I usually ask parents to open all the blinds in the house so we can get as much natural light coming in as possible and to make sure the main rooms (nursery, living area, parents room) are tidy.  Have baby in just a white onesie and swaddled when I arrive.  It’s also a good idea to make sure baby has just eaten so he or she will be as happy as possible for our session.  These sessions usually last a little over an hour.



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